Delivering service above & beyond expectations

Residential Plumbing

Capable and qualified to take on challenging remodels and new builds, as well as small repairs. The details matter, from start to finish.

Commercial Plumbing

Broad range of experience in commercial work, from repairs to renovations and new construction.

Backflow Testing

Certified CCCDI inspector. Licensed and trained in testing backflow devices and ensuring your drinking water stays free from harmful substances.

Anchored Plumbing & Backflow stands behind their work and materials provided by them with a 1 year warranty from date of installation.

About Anchored Plumbing

Anchored Plumbing & Backflow was established in March 2020 by owner and operator, Clayton Leman. The business is located in Hanna City, Illinois, primarily serving the Greater Peoria area. Clayton is experienced in commercial, residential, new construction, remodels, and service work.

The main goal for Anchored Plumbing & Backflow is to provide exceptional plumbing work to customers who specifically desire and appreciate a job well done. Clayton’s favorite quote is, “Plan your work, then work your plan!” He takes great pride and satisfaction in his career as a craftsman of the plumbing trade, serving you with top quality work.

Communication is another value of the business, therefore pricing is always discussed prior to starting work and must be agreed upon by both parties. Feel free to reach out to Clayton with any questions you may have. Anchored Plumbing & Backflow is looking forward to working with you on your next project.

We have this hope as an Anchor for the soul, firm & secure.

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